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Dunami provides solutions that are built to amplify your company's ROI and boost its bottom-line.

Analytics Intelligence

Detailed & actionable data about your website visitors.

File Management

Secure, scalable, team-oriented cloud-based storage.

Analytics Intelligence

Any individual or company operating a website needs proper data & statistics in order to make the best decisions possible for itself. While free tools exist (such as Google Analytics) and provide generalized data, it does not give out all the data they gather on your site: this means that they track and keep all your data, they use it for their own purposes and only give you back fragmented and incomplete information.

Dunami's Analytics solution gives you FULL control over your data. You get complete and detailed information about everything that is happening on your site. Best of all, it is 100% secure and you own it all!

Some of the best features of our Analytics Solution:

  • All basic features of any other analytics program
  • You are in control of all your data
  • Complete privacy, nothing is shared with third parties
  • Real-time data updates
  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • Goal conversion & e-commerce tracking
  • Site search analytics
  • Geolocation & IP tracking
  • Page transitions (view what they did before and after being on your page)
  • Page overlay (displays stats on top of your pages)
  • Track different user interactions
  • Scheduled reports & embeddable widgets
  • Keep all your data with no storage limits, ever!
  • Heatmaps, mouse tracking & visitor recordings (enterprise package)

Analytics Intelligence Pricing

We offer multiple pricing plans depending on your needs.


$19 /month
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Hosted on Dunami Servers
  • Full technical support


$49 /month
  • All Basic plan features
  • + Fully branded to your company's image
  • + Hosted on your own domain name (i.e.


Contact Us for pricing
  • All Professional plan features
  • + Installed on your own hardware
  • + Heatmap, mouse movement & recording module installed

Dunami can also assist you with properly managing and analyzing your data. Let us show you exactly how to transform your data into actionable information. Our management plans start at $99/month and we can fully customize them to your needs.

Own Your Data & Make Better Decisions

We believe in creating strong long-term partnerships where we can grow with you over time.

File Management

Cloud storage has exploded over the past few years, as a simple & easily-accessible alternative to managing your important files. Although there are a multitude of free options, these offerings are highly limited in features and lack in security. In other words, a reputable company needs to have a robust file management system that is fully secure and can fit the needs of its team, while also offering scalable storage space.

Dunami's File Management solution provides companies and teams with an easy-to-use cloud storage alternative that is packed with features that make it a must-have for anyone needing professional file storage.

The Main Features of our File Management Solution:

  • Access, sync, and share your data just the way you want
  • Unlimited team members
  • Share specific data with clients via password and/or time limit
  • External storage compatible w/ DropBox, Google Docs, FTP, and more
  • Bring back deleted items and previous versions
  • Collaborative editing of docs w/ up to 5 people
  • Activity feed, so you see what is going on
  • Store calendars & contacts
  • Simple, clean user interface w/ desktop & mobile apps
  • Scalable storage space
  • Full encryption for improved security and privacy
  • Control over data access and sharing capabilities by user or group

File Management Pricing

We offer multiple pricing plans depending on your needs.


$49 /month
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Min. 40Gb Storage
  • Hosted on Dunami Servers


$89 /month
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Min. 500Gb Storage
  • Fully branded to your company's image


Contact Us for pricing
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Min. 1 Tb Storage
  • Installed on a Dedicated Server

Management plans for your website vary depending on your needs and the complexity of your website. We can customize website management plans so that you have a solution that fits exactly what you are looking for and what you need. Our solutions are fully scalable so that we can grow with you as your website expands.

Gain Total Control Over Your Sensitive Files

We can customize our file management solutions if case you have specific needs not listed here.

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