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Strategy Consulting

Growth, Competitive Advantage, Supply Chain, Finances.

IT Consulting

Integration and Scalability via Software & Hardware.

Strategy Consulting

To ensure that your website/business provides you with the proper return that it warrants, you need to have a solid, airtight strategy for success. Dunami has a team comprised of people with decades of web and internet experience combined, covering all aspects of online business. Making an online venture successful is our expertise.


Depending on your type of business and industry, the way in which you should approach your web strategy differs. Certain things should or should not be executed. Dunami can be your guide while treading the dynamic and ever-evolving waters of the web. Making sure that your overall strategy is properly translated into the an effective online plan of attack is what we do best.


Dunami approaches every client the same way: we are working together, in a long-term relationship, where both sides can greatly benefit and grow from. The best results from consulting is experienced in the long run, by learning and adapting accordingly. Our goal is to build profitable long-term partnerships with our clients and service them with the highest quality in strategy consulting.

A Different Perspective

Running a business involves a lot of work and having to focus on a variety of different aspects. It is thus natural to get sidetracked or miss out on certain opportunities. As well, by being submerged working within your business, it can create an environment where you "can't see the forest from the trees". Having a neutral, fresh pair of eyes looking at your business objectively and sharing with you their vast knowledge can only create opportunities for making your business better. Having Dunami on board as your advisory team for your web/business strategy can give you a competitive edge that brings your firm to a whole new level.

Make Your Business Better Than Ever Before

We customize our services so that you have a solution that you are most comfortable with, and grow with you over time.

IT Consulting

Technology is at the core of every single business in operation today. Managing your technology infrastructure and needs with the latest trends can not only be a daunting, time-consuming task, it can be one of the biggest expenses a company undertakes. The team at Dunami Consulting consists of professionals with a deep background and vast experience in Information Technology & computer sciences. Let our team guide you so as to provide your business with high savings and peace of mind in regards to technology.


Dunami's current software suite includes an analytics platform, a file management system, and a company intranet. If you need something specific, let Dunami help you in creating, customizing, and integrating the best software solutions for your company. With highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, we are sure to be able to come up with a convenient and economical resolution for you.


Dunami can help you design and build the most appropriate computer solution for your office needs. Whether you are looking for something robust and scalable for your small operation, or something reliable and powerful for your growing staff, we can help you set up a high performing and economical solution in line with your business strategy.

Web Servers

When doing business with Dunami, there is no need to have your website hosted elsewhere. You can benefit greatly from being hosted through Dunami. We run our own servers and have strategic partnerships with data centers, which means that you do not have to deal with another third party for your website load and up times. With a full technical support staff on hand to handle your needs, and full physical access to the servers in downtown Montreal, you can be guaranteed that your web hosting will be high quality and hassle-free.

We offer a variety of different hosting plans, which we can tailor according to your needs. From small hosting plans for starter websites to dedicated servers, we can provide you with the best solutions for your needs. Best of all, we can match or beat your current host prices.

Enhance Your Business via Cutting-Edge Technology

We customize our services so that you have a solution that you are most comfortable with, and grow with you over time.

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